Showering is Real Fun!

Next Wednesday I will finally get the bandage off.   In case you need catching up I had surgery a week ago on my foot to remove a cyst.  There is now a bandage there that I have to leave on and cannot get wet.  Needless to say showering is not the easiest thing to do when attempting to wrap your foot and leg in a garbage bag and keep it out of the water and get the rest of your body in the water.  Plus I seem to be an expert at dropping the soap.  I like challenges and all but come on.  So I am looking forward to a proper shower in less than a week.  Getting that foot wet, maybe even scrubbing it with soap.  It will be a small piece of heaven.

Yes, we all need to look forward to the simple things.  Who knows maybe Kelly LeBrock will join me 😉


One response to “Showering is Real Fun!

  1. you bring kelly lebrock and i’ll bring angi:

    Hope you continue to improve daily!

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