Well it’s the day after Christmas and that means all of the anticipation and excitement of it is over.  Done. Gone. No more Christmas.  Okay okay I will quit being such a downer.

I have to say I was a little worried about having a kind of sad Christmas.  I had surgery 2 days beforehand on my foot and anticipated feeling worse than I actually did yesterday.  Also not being with my family and being single I was worried about not having any of that sense of family I crave for on Christmas day.

Well Veronika (my roommate and friend) and I had decided a couple of weeks ago that we would have a pot luck type Christmas at our house and people could drop in and celebrate with us.  I stocked up on groceries the days before my surgery and hoped I would have the energy to do some cooking for our potential guests.   I planned out a vegan pot pie and snacks like cheese and crackers and nuts.  Ohhh and made a batch of my ginger molasses cookies that seems to have become a yearly staple for me.

I should back up a little.  Back to Friday, the day of surgery.  Veronika brought me to the Asheville Surgery Center a little after 6 in the morning.  My surgery was scheduled for 8:45 but when I got there was informed that the person to go before me had to cancel and I would get in earlier.  So they got me into a room pretty promptly and next thing I know it’s time for surgery.  They did local anesthesia on my leg/foot and sedated me for the actual surgery.  Sort of.  I was awake when they brought me into the room and as they strapped me down with lights and people with surgical scrubs and face masks all around.  Then a man came over who told me he was going to sedate me and at first I would feel burning and stinging in my arm then I would fall asleep.  He was right…owww that stings oh god….zzzzzzzz.  Then I awake.  In the middle of my surgery!  I look down a little can see the doctor at my foot and mutter “ummm I can feel that, it hurts” and I get told by some one “hold on” and there comes the man again my arm stings again and zzzzzzz.  Next thing I know I am being wheeled back into my room.

So a couple of hours later I’m on my way back home.  I spend most of the rest of the day popping percocet and catching up on movies.  Around 4pm my friend Amy calls to check on me and its at the moment I hurt the worse.  The block has worn off and I’m in pain, a lot of pain.  She calls and asks how I am.  I tell her that I’m in a lot of pain and took another percocet.  I think I sounded pretty odd as she asked if she could come visit me the next day and I said yes and she tells me she will check with me in the morning.  The rest of Friday continued with a lot of pain and a lot of painkillers.

I woke up Saturday to an upset stomach.  I guess taking percocet in the middle of the night with no food does not make it happy.  So I stumble around the house trying to find food and liquids to help settle it.  Fortunately my foot was feeling a decent bit better and I was not feeling a dire need to take more painkillers.  I eventually settle my stomach several hours later after some food and a Coca-Cola.  Amazing how a brown liquid that can eat battery acid can also ease an upset stomach.  How messed up is that?  I guess it’s eating my stomach acid?  I don’t know nor probably want to know.  Here I am on a tangent.  Anyway, I had two wonderful friends visit me, Brian and Amy, and that helped the day go by.  I did end up having to swallow a few more percocet but fortunately my stomach was in a better state by then.

Well Saturday rolled by fairly quickly with the help of friends and movies and next thing I know it’s Christmas Day!  I awake in the morning and my roommate and I finally put all of the presents under our tree (we didn’t trust the dog or cats to not get excited about them and open them up for us) and we settle down to open some gifts.  Santa was pretty nice to me this year as I sit here typing this on my new laptop 🙂  He also brought me some bike bling that I will anticipate using in a month or so.

Gifts are open and I get my first post surgery shower in anticipation of friends stopping by to enjoy the day with us.  I have to keep my foot out of the water so wrapped up in a bag perched on the bathtub side it is.  Tricky but I managed to get a decent shower.  Fresh and clean I am ready for some friends.  Veronika does some last-minute cleaning and I get started into making a pot pie.  It takes awhile as I work in shifts as my energy allows.  Around 3 guests start showing up, the first being one of the best gifts of the day, my friend Katharine, in for a visit from her 2 year stay in Thailand!  She seems to be the start of guests as they come arriving shortly after her and the house starts to get full. People came an went bringing a variety of food and conversation with them.  The guests all left by 7:30 or so and really that was good timing because it was enough of a day for me.  I was tired and ready to get into my pajamas.  So we popped The Grinch Who Stole Christmas into the dvd player (thank you Brian for the loan) and ended the Christmas day quite appropriately.

All in all Christmas was better than I anticipated and now that it’s over I wish I could relive it again.  Messed up foot or not.  Thanks to all who helped me enjoy a great Christmas, especially to Veronika for helping me feel like I have a family and a home in which to enjoy the things that really matter.  Which is of course, opening presents!  If I didn’t have a roommate I so would have opened up the present containing this computer before the big day.  But no, she said I had to wait and so I did.  I’m quite happy I did too.  Anticipation can be a good thing.

Although I didn’t get to see my family I did talk with them and wished them a joyous day.  Plus not being with family helps one avoid singing any of these tunes in their head:

SNL Dysfunctional Xmas



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