Music Medicine

I’m trying to keep my spirits high, trying to look at the positive of things but I can’t seem to shake this feeling in me.  I have a solid case of the wintertime blues. Knowing in less than a week I will have surgery, feeling a little alone and it being my least favorite season has brought me down.  I’m still going to do my best to ignore my inner thoughts and hope for better ones to take over, after all why waste my mind’s energy on the negative?  Somehow I just can’t shake it.

Feeling a little blue almost always makes me turn to some Beck tunes and I found this fantastic song on youtube so enjoy.  It helped make my morning a little brighter as will the bike ride I do a little later.


6 responses to “Music Medicine

  1. Hugs Karen! It was good to see you last night! I wish we were going to be around to keep you company during the surgery, but I hope you’ll feel like company when we get back into town.

  2. Oh My Karen! I love this song so much. How can I put it on my ipod? Not seeing it in itunes.

    I’m with you on the winter blues. Can’t seem to shake them either. This song helps. Thank you, Karen.

  3. I give you this gift of the internet– go forth and turn youtube into your itunes library.

    I used it on your Pink link and I’m listening to it on the nano now.

    Hang in there and heal up.


  4. By the time I arrived at 6 30 when openers The Head and The Heart began their set, it was standing room only if you could find it .

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