Winter Reflections

Today I walked downtown for my hair appointment then continued on for a little bit after.  As many of you know I enjoy spending time “urban hiking” as I like to call it.  I especially enjoy it on cold winter days.  Today was a little windy and it would have been more beautiful without that but nonetheless it was beautiful.

As I was walking around looking at the buildings and people around me I was reminded that I will not be able to do this in two weeks.  It will only be temporary.  I will be getting minor surgery on my foot to remove a cist that has been causing me pain.  I will be glad to be rid of it but not looking forward to time off my bike and limited walking.  I’m also really not looking forward to the bills that will come with it.   I am getting my surgery on the first day I have off for Christmas and will be back to work on the Tuesday after.  Since I have been at this job for less than 6 months and am hoping to plan a vacation to Thailand in the next year or so I am doing my best to take off as little time as possible.  I still wonder if the medical bills will ruin my vacation dreams anyway 😦

Anyway I am grateful that I can wander around and enjoy the beauty of things around me and that I am a person whom can enjoy the moment most of the time.    I will try to keep in mind that surgery means I will get to spend time catching up on all of the movies on my netflix queue.  Even though I was a little sad thinking about my down time I quickly thought “I better enjoy this now”.  I also am looking forward to my first post-surgery “urban hike”.  In the meantime I will just remember to enjoy the moment I’m in, active or not.

Enjoy the moment


4 responses to “Winter Reflections

  1. Wait, You have a “regular” hair appointment?

  2. Ha! Well every 5-6 weeks I do. I know, so girly of me isn’t it!

  3. I totally hear you! There is nothing like an inability to get up, get out and move that will make you appreciate mobility! Fast recovery!

  4. PS: i giggled about the hair appointment thing, too…

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