Christmas Sweaters

I haven’t been on here as much.  This time of year always brings me down a little bit.  I do suffer from S.A.D. a little and am really not a huge fan of the colder weather and short days.  I’m also feeling on the broke side with having medical bills and Christmas rolled into the same time of year.  I have also come down with my second cold of the season and am currently trying to motivate myself to do some more Christmas shopping so I can get stuff wrapped and sent out before the last minute.

Alas, I really can’t complain as I have a few friends whom will be around to celebrate Christmas time, a few decorations have been hung up at the house and I have been invited to not one but two Ugly Christmas Sweater parties.  At least this time of year involves lots of Christmas cheer and reasons to celebrate.  Maybe I’ll head back out and look for an ugly sweater for one of those parties and get a few more things crossed off the shopping list.  Maybe.

Here’s to Christmas time and the ugly sweaters that have been made to celebrate it!




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