Weekend Soundtrack

I had a wonderful weekend.  I went to Georgia for the fall SORBA (Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association)  board meeting on Saturday.  This involved my getting up a little bit after 4:30 am (after less than 4 hours of sleep) and driving up to meet up with Chris to head south and pick up Chip along the way in Greenville.  Much of the conversation revolved around music and quite a variety was listened to both there and back.  I  have total respect for Chris and his taste in music.  Chip has great taste, he just needs to broaden his horizons a little bit.  Anyways we arrived in Georgia right on the dot and had a productive meeting and I got to see several friends that I have not seen in a while and meet some new ones too.  After this we split up into groups and I got to check out the wonderful trails of Chicopee Woods.  Wonderful trails and I think I saw over 10 deer during the ride.  Definitely worth a stop if you are in the Gainesville, GA area.  Anyways, after some trail action enjoyed some bbq and beers with my SORBA friends and headed back north enjoying music and conversation the whole way.  I made home about 11 and promptly crashed.

Woke up after a good night of sleep last night and spent time getting some errands done and then had an enjoyable ride with my roommie out at Bent Creek.  Now I’m sitting here relaxing a little and packing for a visit to my parents for Thanksgiving.  I still need to catch up on sleep so will be hitting the hay early tonight.

It was an enjoyable weekend overall, even with a couple of snafus for the added adventure.  Visited with lots of friends, old and new, rode bikes, drank beer and had an enjoyable soundtrack to go with it all.  Everything from 2 Live Crew to Radiohead to Madonna and even some showtunes.  Hell yes!  Life is awesome and so is the music that comes along.

Chris and Chip this is for you:



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