Hungry Dog!

I came home today to my roommate standing in the kitchen with a pile of cardboard and debris on the floor.  Apparently her dog (whom I love dearly) ate a pretty significant amount of my food off the lowest shelf today while we were gone.  This included 2 boxes of mac and cheese, a box of crackers, a bag of croutons, 2 boxes of snacky bar type things and I am thinking there was something else in there but not sure what.  So my roommate wanted to show me what she ate so that she could go buy me new stuff.  Which is what she is doing at this current moment.  I await for her to get back so I can make the mac and cheese which is intended for my personal recipe that I am making for my work Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow (yes I do much more to it than make instant mac and cheese).  My roommate is pretty awesome for waiting for my arrival with coat on so she can head to the store.

Really what amazes me most is that this dog is pretty skinny and ate all of that without any indication of stomach illness or even bloating.  Even after all of that food, while my roommate has been gone I walked into the kitchen to find a half eaten raw potato that she just ate!  This dog is an amazing feeding machine!

The whole incident is pretty funny but really she ate about $15-$20 bucks worth of food and well that kind of sucks.  Such is the life of an “innocent” dog!

So in my blogging tradition of finding a related video this one came up instantly with over 2 million hits (really people?)



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