Lone Rider

So today I headed out to Bent Creek for a ride.  It was an overcast but beautiful day for a ride.  As usual I ran into some folks I know.  They asked if I wanted to join them as we were all getting started on our rides.  I declined and hoped I didn’t seem rude.  See, I tend to ride alone when in the woods.  I enjoy the solitude of the world around me and my thoughts.  I tend to notice more when I ride alone.  I notice the rustle of the fall leaves and how the colors make the trail a new splendor of beauty.  I notice the squirrels rustling about among the branches and forest floor.  I can stop to ponder at a rock or a tree and not worry about holding anyone up.  For some reason I have grown to really enjoy my rides alone.  It’s probably not safest as I am prone to concussions and well am pretty damn good at crashing in general but mentally it is something I crave.  Just me, my bike and the forest around me.

Next week I will have two days of riding with others so I needed my alone time today.  So if you see me on the trail and ask if I want to join please don’t take it personally if I say no, it’s just how I like to roll.

So as I like to do, here is a song based very loosely on today’s post and thought it to be relevant since they are playing here in town tonight.  I won’t be there but will be enjoying the company of other cyclists around some food and beer for the Pisgah Area SORBA Holiday Party.   🙂



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