Am I a Comedian Yet?

So this Thursday will be my fourth time performing/doing/attempting (or whatever vocab word is appropriate here) a stand up comedy routine.  The first three times were at a bar downtown called Athena’s which has an open mic comedy night on Wednesdays.  Well this Thursday is a newer “open mic” night which is at The Pulp below the well-known music venue, The Orange Peel.  Yep, that’s right below the venue that They Might Be Giants wrote a song about.  It’s called open mic but I had to prebook .  I guess its open mic because anyone can do it as long as they prebook.  Well anyways I’m signed up, doors open at 8:30, comedy starts at 9.  15 comedians, or so we think we are, will be entertaining for the evening.  Come on out, have a drink, sit back, relax and laugh!

If you can’t get away from the house or live too far away word is it will be simulcast on so tune in and grab a beer out of your fridge and enjoy.



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