So I’m still working on getting over this cold.  Yesterday I had a fairly active day, went on a good bike ride, went costume shopping and met up with a couple of friends over beer.  A good day overall.  Today though I woke up feeling a little less energetic than yesterday and think I used more than half of my weekend energy allotment share on Saturday.  So I was a little more low-key today.  I was a little productive around the house and then debating what to do to enjoy the beautiful fall day I decided to do one of my favorite activities.

Biking? Drinking beer?  Watching movies?  Nope, none of the above.  I walked downtown and had my camera in tow and just let my mind and my feet wander.  I took a few photos but most of them sucked.  Of course one of the first things I see as I venture into downtown is Occupy Asheville.  I won’t get into any of my political thoughts with the whole occupy Asheville movement but seeing all these people with tents here reminds me of when I moved here and that area was a magnet for the homeless.

I venture further into town debating whether I want to sit outside somewhere, stop in a bar and get a beer or find some food.  I walk further and further and end up on Church Street which has some of the most beautiful trees in town.

I slowly wander back in the heart of downtown and eventually decide I’m going to head to Rosetta’s for some food and a beer and to work on writing down some thoughts for my stand up comedy.  Well I eventually get back around to Rosetta’s and it is now 4pm…doh!  they close at 3 on Sundays.  Oh well, I decide to head back home.

See part of the reason I enjoy walking around town so much is oftentimes it helps me find inspiration.  It depends on the day, sometimes I hope to sort out some sort of life stress in my head or sometimes it’s because I want to be creative and need inspiration.  Today was the latter.  I wanted to come up with what I am going to talk about at the next open mic night.  My mind didn’t go there for the hour plus I was walking around until about 1/4 mile back to the house then my head my mind started spinning with thoughts and my goal was achieved.  Although really the general enjoyment of the day was my main goal.

So I think it was productive.  I got to enjoy the beautiful day, the beautiful city I live in , ran into a few friends, got to people watch, even bought a snazzy new belt buckle

oh yeah a school bus belt buckle….love!  Oh but anyways, the most important thing is I relaxed, eventually my mind found what it was looking for and had a quite enjoyable time wandering around the city I love so much.

I hope everyone got to enjoy this beautiful day in some aspect.  I am thankful to live somewhere so beautiful and have it all within steps of my home 🙂


One response to “Wandering

  1. So lovely…and I appreciate how inspiration did come to you, after you’d fully given yourself over just to the goal of walking and living.

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