Getting Settled Again

Moving is such a pain in the ass.  Despite this it is a good way of cleaning out things you don’t need and getting a fresh perspective on life.  I just moved from a small apartment that contained my two cats and me and moved in with another human being and her cat and dog.  Definitely a change after being alone for two years.

Well after two plus solid weeks of packing/moving/unpacking/cleaning I am fully in the new house with just a little bit left to unpack.  I finally have had some time to focus on other things in my life.  I went to a birthday celebration of a good friend and had time to just relax and watch, not one, but two movies!!  I haven’t had time for one in a while, nonetheless two.  The most glorious thing about this was that the animals are all starting to accept each other and I laid curled up on the couch watching a cheesy horror film (The Chain Letter in case you are curious) such as I love to do and had a wonderful dog next to me and cats scattered around the room.  All resting and sharing it peacefully with me.  It brought a big smile to my face.

I am home and it is wonderful!



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