Then The Cats

So I am working on cleaning, sorting and packing.  Yes, again I am moving.  I decided a little while ago that I need to save money and the best way for me to do that would be to move in with a roommate.  My original plan was to wait until next year because I wanted 2011 to be a move-free year but an ideal situation came to light so here I am sorting and packing.  How did I gain so much stuff in a year?

One of the biggest things about the move is that my two cats will be moving into a household with a dog and a cat.  Yes, there will be a small zoo with three cats and a dog but it will be great to have this many furry friends in one place.  That is after they get used to each other.  Whew.  The future roommate brought her dog over to my apartment a couple of weeks ago so my cats could meet her.  Fish was almost friends with her new canine roommate by the time they left and Chips, as always, was much more apprehensive.  Then yesterday I brought the cats over to their future home so they could check the new surroundings and meet the future feline roommate.  Future canine roommate and his visiting canine friend were outside so to not add too much excitement at once. Well as you can imagine getting strange cats together can be interesting.  Fish was her usual curious social self and somewhat ignored the hissing of her future feline roommate.  Chips was again, more apprehensive.  All was going fairly smooth until all of a sudden Fish is looking like she is going to the bathroom on her future canine roommate’s bed!  Fish what are you doing?  Yes, my cat decided to have diarrhea all over her future home.  Yikes!  So I had my first mess to clean up and took out my first bag of trash without even moving in yet.  After that ordeal things seemed to be settling down when suddenly we were unable to find Chips.  We looked all over the basement and house and wondered if he had managed to make it to the dog door to get outside.  I got pretty worried that he did.  He is pretty smart and sly so it would not have surprised me.  So the outside search begins and both of us are switching between inside and outside.  Well the canine roommate was outside along with a canine friend visiting the house for the weekend so we let them in so that if Chips is outside he will hopefully be easier to find.  On one of my trips back inside I notice one of the dogs excitingly looking at the side of the fridge and what do I spy?  Chips!!!  Whew, worried kitten mom is feeling much better.  So dogs back out get cat from corner and I decided they had enough excitement for one afternoon.

It will take some time for them to get adjusted to the new surroundings and new roommates.  Probably much more so than me.  I will be a nervous kitten mom when that time comes but I know everyone will settle and probably become a house of loving friendly furballs.  I’m looking forward to it!


2 responses to “Then The Cats

  1. Be glad to check out the new place!! when are you moving?

  2. In a couple of weeks, I have to be completely out of the current place by Oct. 15th.

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