It’s been a long, but good week.  Long nights getting ready for and
helping out at the first two shows of The Feral Chihuahua’s Fistful of Glitter. Tonight will be the last two shows and it’s looking like we will have a packed house for both shows!  Hint hint…save 3 bucks and don’t lose out on a seat for tonight and get your tickets online now  http://www.feralchihuahuas.com/tickets/

As I have a brief break from my insanity of a week I have been catching up on a lot of things and enjoying a brief bit of downtime before heading to the BeBe Theater for the last two shows.

I was driving around getting some groceries to fill up my empty fridge and cupboards and this song came on.  I do want everything.  I’m not talking about material possessions; I’m talking about the things that make me happy….bike rides, comedy, social time with friends, date nights with myself, date nights with someone else, sleep.  I want time to do all of the things I want to plus time for myself and sleep.  It’s impossible but I can dream right!  Overall life is beautiful and I have many of the things I desire.  Today I’m feeling pretty lucky and glad to be me.

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