Broken Down

So my goal for today got tossed out the car window in a matter of seconds.  I had planned to go car shopping and come home with a new car.  Well a new to me car, I can’t afford nor really want anything too new and shiny.  I have been looking at car places, online and such and had narrowed the search down to two places.  I was going to bring home a new ride today dammit!

Or so I thought.  I stopped at Earth Fare to get a drink and a couple of things then my next stop was to car shop.  I come out of Earth Fare and stick my key in the ignition and click…I try again….click.  Crap!!!!  I give it a few minutes… So there I sit contemplating what to do next.  I have a set of jumper cables and so hope that one of the neighboring cars’ owner comes out soon.  So I sit and eventually this family come up to the Suburban parked across from me.  Yes!  Well as we are hooking up the cables a couple of friends of mine happen to be walking through the lot.  Hey!  I get their attention and they come over and help.  No luck, it’s not my battery.  Although the two boys in the family seemed quite entertained by all of this and when we gave up one said “are we done donating battery juice mom?” We even try the whole thing again when the next car pulls into the spot  and nothing.  Sigh, I am not going anywhere 😦

Well I call a tow truck and thankfully my friends, whom also happen to be my neighbors, offer to drive me home.  So here I sit, my car at the shop.  Thankfully I can get wherever I need to go via bicycle or my two feet for the rest of the weekend.  I’m also thankful to have such wonderful and helpful friends!

I think my car was telling me “after five good years together you’re going to ditch me?  I don’t think so!”

Well I’m still going to ditch him but I have appreciated him over the years.  Boys, what are we women to do?

So here’s a song for today.


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