Ticky Tacky Little Thoughts

As always my mind churns away with thoughts of life.  I’m always thinking about where I am, what is next, will I stay single forever or will I find love, why I have anxiety, am I adhd, anyway you get the point.  My mind is constantly churning and I have too many thoughts and I wish I had more time to express them here.  Of course some of those thoughts should not be expressed here.  Anyways I always find peace in music.  I have been on a Decemberists kick recently and when looking for a good video for them I came across this song.  Which is relevant because I have a day ahead of me at work in which I will be handling lots of boxes….ticky tacky little boxes…and often this song pops into my head at work.  So I hope all of you will have this song in your head too, just for today 🙂

And stupid wordpress changed some shit and I don’t have time to mess with it so press the link.  Damnit!




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