I’m trying to have a friendship with my “long-term” ex as overall he has his good points and there are things I miss about him.  Well tonight I went over to his house for a couple of drinks and listened to him talk about his new girlfriend and he did a few things that reminded me of why it ended to begin with.  This song was the first song to come on in my cd player (I have one of them old school cars with no mp3 plug-in, it even takes cassettes too!) and this song said exactly what I was feeling.  In case you can’t tell Beck is my absolute favorite.  There is always a song to fit my mood or thoughts.


One response to “Reminded

  1. sounds like a weird experience. on some levels, i think ‘why does she want to be friends with him’ but then i realize why because i actually miss him too. it really sucks.

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