Sad and Beautiful

I know I have been a little down the past couple of posts.  Being a female my moods are subject to change at any moment.  Today I’m feeling a little less anxious and a little bit better about the world and my place in it.  I know life has its ups and downs and I try to keep that in mind and embrace it.  I’m spending this weekend being productive, spending some time with myself and with some friends too.  Hanging out with a few of them last night helped pick up my mood and I’m thankful for that.  Maybe a week of anti-social is too much for me. I ended up with too much time to think but maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference if I had been social and didn’t have time to think.  Who knows but it’s Saturday and a beautiful day so far.  I’ve been listening to some Love and Rockets today so here is song to share.


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