Two Years Ago Today

August 17th, 2009.

It is one of the most memorable days of my adult life.  It started out with an early morning phone call while I was getting ready for work.  It was my mom. She called to tell me my Grandma passed away earlier in the morning in her sleep.   My Grandma was definitely an important member of my family.  She loved me for all I was, good things and bad.  She loved me through my screw ups in high school, through my trials at early adulthood.  She was there and always had this to say when times were rough “this too shall pass”.

So after hearing this news and just trying to soak it in I knew work was not where I was headed that day.  I called in and then debating what to do and knowing I didn’t really want to be alone I called my friend, Patrick.  I knew he had the day off and asked if he would take me mountain biking.  I wanted to ride something easier but he could pick where we went.  Well he took me to Pisgah, starting at Pink Beds and I really don’t remember what all trails we did.  I do remember riding along the river just starting the ride and well falling head first into the river. Well it wasn’t really the river I fell into, it was the super muddy bank.  I had to unstick my helmet out of the mud and wash myself off.  Then headed up and down we went.  I think I wrecked two more times.  My mind was trying hard to not think about my Grandma but I couldn’t keep it straight, along with the bike.  Despite the wreckage and thoughts in my head it was still a good ride and I am thankful to have Patrick as one of my friends who is always there when I need him.

Well after the ride or maybe it was before, I’m not really sure, I was looking at the Turner Bikes website because I had been dreaming of new bikes and well, having ridden a Turner for almost 6 years, a new Turner.  That day on their site was a 2009 demo Flux in my size at a damn good deal.  So, feeling down and out, wanting to make myself feel better and not wanting to miss a good deal,  (they only had the one bike in my size and didn’t want to miss out) I rationalized the purchase and on the way was Flash.  My current ride by the way.

So I shed some tears, shed some blood, rode with an awesome friend, bought an awesome bike.  Most of all from that day I lost one of the most important people in my life. I still miss my Grandma and always will.  Thank you for everything you taught me and part of you lives on in me.  I love you Grandma.

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