Down Time

Well I started my first anti-social evening by well being somewhat social and heading to Richmond Hill for about an hour of trail work.  It seemed like a productive way to add some extra exercise.  I definitely need to spend more evenings after work riding from the house over there.  Of course Richmond Hill is crawling with poison ivy and I come home to guess what?  No water!!!!!!!!! The city has been working on the water line on my road for almost 2 months now but they have always been gone by 6 or so.  Not today!  Nope, the one day I really badly need a shower pronto.  So hear I am typing this blog waiting for water instead.  There was a trickle so did my best to rinse my exposed arms.  Hoping I don’t break out in bumps tomorrow.  Yikes!

Well, I did manage to have about a social as possible weekend in preparation for this week of being anti-social.  I had a good date Friday night and we saw a killer Beatles cover band at Pisgah Brewing and danced for 3 hours without a care in the world.  Saturday I went biking at Bent Creek with a good friend then later to a “fire and water” birthday party for another good friend.  Then went to bed way too late and woke up earlier than I wanted to so I could head out on the French Broad for a day of kayaking with another good friend who was also celebrating his birthday.  I also went to a bbq at another friends house after that!  Super fun, jam packed weekend and I am ready for a few off days with just the cats, my crafts, books, movies and me.

I’ll probably head out on a bike ride one evening but my plan is to pretty much get some relaxation and spend time with just me the next few days.  So I’ll see you all Friday at Downtown After Five and I’ll probably be more than ready to be social again.

Here’s a song for you since I’ve been on a reggae kick recently.   Enjoy and peace out.


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