It Makes Me Happy

It makes me happy when I run into random friends that tell me they are reading my blog.  I guess that officially makes me a better than crappy author.  Multiple people have mentioned they follow my blog which means that they have read it more than once, right?!?  I guess I’m famous!  Haha, well anyways it’s Sunday night I had a good ride with my favorite Asheville Social Ride group, The Asheville Pedal Punks (, ran into several other friends and well overall it has been a pretty good day.  Bikes, friends, beer, some productivity, hell yes!

I also wanted to mention to the local folks that The Altamont Brewing Company ( has a fundraiser each month and a dollar for each fundraiser pint goes to the non-profit of the month.  Well guess what!  Pisgah Area SORBA is the fundraiser this month!  So if you are in Asheville get yourself a beer at The Altamont Brewing Company and support Pisgah Area SORBA!  Tell them I sent you 🙂

Also I found another cd for my Beck collection, Guerolito, so here’s a tune I was diggin’ earlier.


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