It’s Monday, So What?

Yeah, it’s Monday.  I have a full week of work ahead of me but you know what?  We all need a paycheck and otherwise life is good.  So pour yourself another cup of coffee and get your groove on.  It’s only work and later today you can go back home pour yourself a beer, ride your bike, take the dog for a walk, watch a movie, or whatever it is that makes you happy.  So enjoy this Monday. make it a good one for a change.


3 responses to “It’s Monday, So What?

  1. great song…his beat IS correct! Have a great Monday and I hope I see you this upcoming weekend.

  2. I missed this until Tuesday. How could I miss a Beck post? I blame you Karen!

  3. Next time I post a Beck song I’ll be sure to let you know Dave. How can anyone not just absolutely love Beck!

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