People Watching

I’m a visual person.  I learn by seeing things, I love looking at my surroundings and most of all I love looking at people.  All sorts of people.  Obviously ones I find attractive but also the ones I find repulsive or just okay.  Although everyone has something about them that is attractive, whether or not it’s visible at a quick glance. Everyone has unique traits that make them , well, fun to watch!  Beyond their looks is the way they act and interact with the world.  How they carry themselves, how they respond.  I love taking it all in.

That is why I am so excited for Bele Chere this weekend!  For those of you who aren’t a local Ashevillian, Bele Chere is the southeast’s largest free festival.  Lots of free music on multiple stages, art booths, beer, food and of course, people.  Lots and lots of people.  Local, tourists, locals whom never come out except for special events like this.  I am excited to see them all.  To be in the crowd, in the heat and watch people dance, drink, eat, wander around.  Yep, Bele Chere is a pretty exciting event for a person whom loves to people watch.

I know some people run and hide or plan a vacation around this weekend to avoid the crowds, the people.  I won’t be avoiding it and probably never will.

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