Up Front

I have come to learn over time that being up front and honest with people is almost always the best policy.  You don’t always have to say you hate someone’s hair when they got a new haircut and ask your opinion but if someone tells you what is going on inside their heart the honest response is always best, even if it hurts at that moment.  Most likely it may hurt now but later will hurt much less than if you weren’t honest.  I just wanted to remind all of you this since I was given some honesty the other day and truly appreciated it.  It was much better than ignoring me or telling me something superficial.  I truly have to say that anyone whom has been honest with me, even when it involved breaking my heart, has won in the end.  Thank you for being honest and I promise to do my best to be honest with you.

So now that I was up front about my policy on honesty here is some humor to lighten things up because no one is honest all the time and well “thank god!” Here’s a is an example of when honest all the time is not a good thing 😉  Enjoy!


One response to “Up Front

  1. glad i can always count on you for honesty in matters of the heart. btw, do you like my haircut?? ha!

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