Doing a Mind Good

I’d say I’m an extroverted introvert.  I love people and having a large social circle and basically being a “social butterfly” as people say but I do require my alone time.  I need to have a night or two a week for just me.  I need to have time to watch a movie, write, craft, read.  Things I thoroughly enjoy in the quiet of my apartment.

I have also noticed I seem to have several friends that identify this way too.  It’s probably why we get along, they understand my need to hide in my house on occasion.  My need to not hang out with people for a night.  Of course I tend to say things like I’m exhausted or it’s my only night off this week and I need to catch up on stuff. Well that second excuse is all too often true and I find after spending a night of “catching up” that I really need another alone night to catch up on me.  I have my best friends in life but my truest friend is myself and I have to be true to her.

So I’m not really sure where I am going with this blog post.  I guess I just basically want some of you to know when I say I’m busy or need the night off I really do.  I’m not trying to blow you off.  Okay, there might be the occasional time that is true, but for the most part I do want to hang with you.  I just have to listen to my needs first.  Sometimes that is my need to stay home, turn on a movie, pull out the craft supplies and think about nothing important.

It does a mind good. 🙂

Oh and now that I took last night for myself I’m ready to spend tonight celebrating with one of my best friends before she leaves to Thailand for the next two years.  Party on!


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