Puppy Chihuahua

As many of you know I have been taken in under the care of the Feral Chihuahuas.  I’m still a pup and hope they will let me grow into a full-sized Chihuahua with them.

They might only keep me around for grooming reasons (feral dogs need a LOT of grooming, even tiny ones.)

In the meantime they are letting me run around with pack and we can be found this Saturday night at Broadways!

It will be an experimental type of show with trying out some new skits,  some films, making you laugh at our attempts at improv, and I think for your listening agony George will be singing for you.  So come out, it’s free!  Wait did I say free? Yes!  9:30 at Broadways.  See you there!  Otherwise I might come pee on your best shoes and I know you don’t want that.

Here’s a sample from the big production last month:

And check out their website for a whole lot more of live and filmed sketches.  http://www.feralchihuahuas.com



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