Restless Soul Road Trip Pt. 2

Yesterday’s blog only told you about the first day of my trip!  Really that day was amazing in just the fact that I was letting myself step out of my comfort zone and getting over my anxieties of hitting the road with few plans in place.  So after a good night at the local Motel 6 (the nicest one I have ever been in) Flash (my mountain bike) and I were ready to check out Brown County State Park.  It was phenomenal!  I started riding about 9 and it was almost 12:30 when I finally stopped.  Someday I will go back.  A whole excuse for future road trips.

So after my ride I headed to Nashville, IN which was only a few miles from the trailhead.  I knew there was a brewery there and needed some refueling.  So I found Big Woods Brewing Company and refueled, ready to hit the road again.  Already being on back roads I continued my adventure the back way and spent all day working my way up north.  I drove past wind farms and found sandunes along Lake Michigan alongside a nuclear power plant!  I definitely prefer wind energy to nuclear energy.


I finally settled into a hotel in the suburbs of the big city and called it an early night.

The next day I woke up ready to start exploring the big city!  I knew that evening I would catch up with my friend Thomas after work and I had until about 5 or 6 to explore.  So explore I did!  I walked all around downtown, checked out the tourist trap called Navy Peir, found Wrigley Field and Goose Island Brewery!  Ahhhh…

After that it was close to 6 and Thomas met me in the Boystown neighborhood and showed me around to a couple of bars then we headed to the Kit Kat Lounge for dinner, martinis and a drag show!  The end to a perfect first day in Chicago!  I should note that Thomas is a good friend from high school and it had been 17 years since I saw him!  It was definitely awesome to reconnect after all these years!

The next day I was on my own again for the day.  I found an art museum, The Museum of Private art Collections, which were featruing Matt Lamb and Salvador Dali.  Sweet!  Then I wandered around town over the the Millenium Park and saw the famous Bean.

Then wandered over to the John Hancock Center to check out the view from the Skyview Lounge on the 96th floor!

Can you tell I drank a lot this trip?  Well that was just the start for that day.  That night I ventured out with Thomas and started with dinner and beers at Big Chicks.  We met up with a few of his friends there and his friend Dan, Thomas and I headed out to explore other options for drinking and well I think my night consisted of several beers and 3 martinis!  Needless to say I was a wee bit drunk by the time we made it home.

The next morning I very groggily got up and said my goodbyes as I was headed to Indiana to visit another friend that evening.  I did have several hours to check out a little bit more of Chicago and spent most of that doing some shopping and found new belts and belt buckles and beer and liquor to bring home.  My car was getting pretty full and it was time to head east to Valparaiso.  So I headed east and found out just how insane the Friday afternoon before the 4th of July can be on the interstate.  Ugh, traffic insane traffic.  My anxieties and stress was starting to get to me.  Never fear though as I finally escaped the madness and found soothing back roads headed into Valparaiso.  I’ll leave the rest of the trip to part three so stay tuned 🙂


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