Full Circle

As I have mentioned before things sometimes seem to come full circle.  I think that has overall been a good thing in my life.  I have rediscovered things I was once passionate for.  I seem to like to use that word, passionate.  It best describes how I feel.  I think the best way to describe passionate is something that hits an emotional level in me, something I enjoy beyond the basic fun of it, something I value as part of what makes me, well, me!

So the thing recently that has come to a full circle in my life is acting.  When I was in school, growing up, becoming an actress was what I dreamed of being for several years.  Sometime in 4th grade when I took my first acting class after school I feel in love with theater.  I continually took classes and dreamed of my days on Broadway.  I even tried a film class sometime in 8th or 9th grade.  I wasn’t as fond of it because I got such a rush from the audience response in a live performance.  I auditioned and was in a few school plays and performed in several after school/weekend theater classes.  In about 11th grade my interest dropped off.  I became more interested in things like my friends and dating than theater or playing the cello (another passion at that time).  I also knew making it in life as an actress would be extremely difficult so I decided to figure out what I should go to college for.

Well almost 20 years later I have come back to theater.  Recently I auditioned and have become a “trial” member of a local comedy sketch troupe, the Feral Chihuahuas!  I am so excited to have a few small parts and be helping out with scene changes and such for the upcoming shows this weekend.  I have been rehearsing with them since Sunday and so far it has been a blast!  I had forgotten just how much I miss theater and acting.

I am pretty damn excited to be performing with the Feral Chihuahuas.  After all I have been one of their biggest fans for the last couple of years and well they are a pretty swell bunch of peeps.  It will be an awesome weekend and hopefully a few of you find me to be funny!  I know the rest of them will be!


2 responses to “Full Circle

  1. That is awesome Karen! It is funny how life goes in circles at times. I have also been thinking about joining a local comedy troupe out here in Denver, but I am too busy with work, kids and now a new business that I am starting on the side! We need to talk again soon. I have been thinking about you since I have pulled all my Violent Femmes music and have been listening to it again. I remember how you introduced me to them. 🙂 You are awesome!

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