Bikes, Besties and Beer

This weekend being a nice three-day weekend I told myself I would not make obligations and I would do what I wanted.  So I started out Saturday morning with a long road ride with my friend, Timm.  I finally got a rack for Yoshi the other day and this was my first ride not having to wear a pack on my back.  Definitely a big plus in this hot weather we have been having.  I met up with Timm in West Asheville and we headed down through Candler rolling along the beautiful country roads.   Took one wrong turn but fortunately quickly figured out where we were and had only gone out of the way about 1/2 mile or so.  It was very relaxing and therapeutic to roll along through Candler.

So I had already planned that after my ride I would head straight to the Mountain Sports Festival happening nearby.  So Timm and I parted after sitting for a bit in the shade.  I headed to the festival and met up with two of my besties, Seth and Katharine.  I knew Seth was planning on being there and Katharine was there mostly out of luck.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have these two people in my life.  Seth always knows what to say when I am down and going through personal shit.  He also gives some of the best hugs in the world!  Katharine is also good at listening to my woes and puts me in a cheerful mood anytime I’m around her.  Anyway I hung out with them and a few other friends for a few hours.  I was getting quite baked in the sun at this point and needed to take a break at the house since another friend was having her birthday celebration at one of my favorite hangouts, The Bywater, later on.  So I relaxed and ate and freshened up then pedaled down to The Bywater for my friend Jo’s birthday.  I had a great time enjoying some good local brews, an awesome birthday cake, hanging out with the birthday girl and her (and some of my) friends.  Later my friend Seth and his friend John came down and hung out with them for a while before pedaling back home.  What a fantastic Saturday!  There are two more days to my weekend!

Sunday rolled around and I slept in very late.  I felt groggy from all of the sun the day before but knew I needed to get out on Flash and pedal on some dirt.  I loaded up Flash and headed to Bent Creek.  I felt groggy for the first half an hour or so of the ride but finally pedaled it out.  I rode for a couple of hours and felt so much better by the time I ended up back at my car.  Flash is definitely an important man in my life 🙂

So after my ride I came home, showered and ate meat for the first time in a month.  I have been thinking about trying vegetarian again.  I thought I would miss meat, burgers especially, but when I had one (all natural grain fed of course) I really didn’t enjoy it.  That is really just a side note, but please keep in mind when hanging with me I’m vegetarian (maybe, possibly, still deciding).  Anyway another one of my besties, Amy, was down at another awesome hangout, The Wedge Brewery.  So I decided to ride Yoshi down and have a beer.  Hung out for a little while and then came back home to eat something else and decide what I was doing from there.  After a while my friend Katharine, previously mentioned, told me her sister, Laura and she where headed to guess where…The Wedge!  Haha!  So I got back on Yoshi and peddled down to meet them.  Had a couple more beer (gotta love Wedge beer) and enjoyed catching up with them.  After another hour or 2 I headed back home.  I relaxed in front of the tube to an old school horror flick and worked on some crafting.

It’s Monday and guess what, another day to my weekend!  Yay!  I did some cleaning and other things around the house and after some back and forth messaging on facebook some of the Asheville Pedal Punks (see their blog in my blogroll) decided to catch up for some recon for the upcoming water fight with our opposing bike group, the Bike Gang.  Caught up with Cullen, Ashley and Timm of the group (on 2 wheels of course) for some pre fight planning and some poster posting around town.  Spent a few hours with them and pedaled back home.

I am now sitting here trying this eating an awesome stir fry I made with tofu and some veggies from the CSA share I got the last week.  I’m going to relax with another movie and my crafts after I finish this blog.  I’m still excited as my weekend isn’t really ending yet as we are having a work “Fun Day” tomorrow and going to Navitat for zip-lining!  Hard to beat that for a work day!

I am thankful for bikes, besties and beer for bringing me back closer to my happy self.  I am truly a lucky girl.


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