So on February 1st the 60-day challenge at Bikram Yoga started.  They put up a big poster board with lines on it so you could write down your name and then there are little star and smiley face stickers you can use when you go to a class.  You did not have to put 60 classes in 60 days as your challenge, you could make it what you want.  So I made my challenge 50 classes out of 60 days.  I realize now that is pretty unrealistic with all of my activities and other obligations.  I believe I have made it to 6 classes and since it’s the 16th well I’m a little behind.  So to myself I have made a new challenge.  That I either go to Bikram or ride my bike for at least an hour for 50 out of 60 days.  I believe at this point I have missed 3 days.  So I can only miss 7 more in the next month and a half but I won’t want to miss that much!  It’s easy to do something you enjoy. 

So in class the other day one of my favorite teachers, Sean, said that “love is discipline”  he went on to clarify that discipline didn’t mean beating a child but discipline in a healthy way.   I realized I need to do that for myself.  I am not the best with self-discipline but it is something I need to work on.  So one of my steps is my own 50 out of 60 day challenge, to keep myself on the track to being healthy.  My resolution of no cheese for 2 months is another one.  When I do start eating cheese again I am going to allow myself to only eat it when I go out.  This way I treat it as more of , well, a treat!  My newest discipline is beer.  I find myself having beer 5  or 6 days a week and I usually have 3 or 4 beers, which when it’s the good microbrew kind means way too many calories.  So last week I decided I am only allowing myself to have beer 3 times a week.  In just the week and a half its been I realized I am looking forward to beer more and that it is more enjoyable.   I do plan my beer nights now and it is revolving around my social time.  Which is good.  I want to drink when I’m happy, not indulge for the wrong reasons.  So tonight I will be having beer with one of my besties.  We are both celebrating new jobs! 

People always tell me “just do it in moderation”.  Well I’m not so good with moderation.  I have to give myself discipline.  I have to set rules for myself.  I do these things because I love myself.  Because I want to be healthier, thinner and happier.  Discipline is love and I am the biggest love in my life.  Thanks Sean!


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