The last couple of days I have felt exhausted.  At first I was trying to figure out if I was getting sick or just recovering still from too much drinking on Friday night but then it dawned on me I am just purely exhausted.  Over the last few months I have been on a serious job hunt.  Spending an hour or two almost everyday after work looking at ads, applying for jobs and thinking about where I am headed in my life career wise.  I started to call it “career soul-searching” because I was looking for an entirely new direction in life.  It has been overwhelming and time-consuming.  Along with the career soul-searching I have had a lot of other things going on.  Working on several things for Pisgah Area SORBA, having a somewhat disastrous dating life (which those details I save for my besties), keeping up with exercise and trying to get to bikram yoga, on the bike and/or a run everyday, keeping up with my social life and then of course the current job. 

I accepted a new job yesterday!  I’ll start it in a couple of weeks, I am beyond excited but am too tired to actually act excited at this point.  I realized my body had been staying healthy enough despite my many hours of brain overload on my career soul-searching, other work and partying.  I have been doing too much thinking and well too much drinking.  My body is telling me it’s tired.  I found a job and I need a break.  A mental break.  So I tried to give myself one last night by just going home after work and watching two movies back to back and hitting the hay early.  I feel some better today but know I have been burning the candle at both ends way too much recently.  I need to plan more days for myself and spend more time thinking about my health.  Sure I have been exercising but I also have been drinking beer almost every night and it’s catching up to me.  So I have been thinking of ways to keep myself in check with my body and pay it a little more respect. 

I have thought about this a little bit here and there but I realized last night that I need go beyond my thoughts and actually listen to my body and what it needs.  So I have made a few long-term goals.  Keep exercising daily.  Beer allowed only three times a week.  So if by Wednesday I have had beer every night well then guess what?  No more until Monday.   Take two nights a week off, plan then for me to stay at home and watch a movie or whatever.  Hopefully after a couple of months my body will feel less stressed and more relaxed. 

It’s like my mind and my body are roommates and they just can’t get along right now.  Disagreements more frequently, one being noisy in the middle of the night keeping the other one up.  Time to make peace.  Hopefully my mind and my body come to a truce and become best friends or at the least much better roommates than they are right now.  So here’s to raising my cup of water to a happier living situation between my body and my mind.  Cheers!


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