Riding Along

I rode to work today for the first time in a few weeks!  Whew!  I am so out of bike shape.  It was a beautiful afternoon for the ride home and I started to ponder about my weekend while enjoying the beautiful weather.  I have a jam-packed weekend ahead and I’m pretty excited about it!  Tomorrow morning I am taking a class at AB Tech, Basic Marketing for Small Businesses.  This is being done through SCORE, counselors for small business (http://www.ashevillescore.org/).   I have been thinking a lot about what direction to head my career in and marketing is something I’m definitely interested in so taking this will give me a taste.  I’m pretty excited as I haven’t been in a classroom environment in quite a long time. Little side note, I’m thinking of going back to school again, possibly for my MBA.  Back to the weekend.  The class runs to noon and after am planning on getting together with an old friend I haven’t seen in a while possibly for a gravel road ride on the mountain bikes or maybe just lunch.  Then tomorrow night a good friend of mine is having a party for her birthday!  Should be a good time but I need to make sure I don’t have too much of a good time because I have another action packed day on Sunday!  I’m going to meet up with the Asheville Front Runners for their weekly run at Carrier Park.  It will be a casual run but mostly I’m excited to meet this group.  It’s a LGBTQ and straight allies group that just started up here in Asheville and the focus is a once a week run/walk.  I like the idea of getting together for equality while doing something active.  If you’re interested in coming out (haha bad pun) check out the event on facebook here : http://on.fb.me/g6VEZP.  Then after the run  is the Tourist Trap Alleycat!  For those of you unfamiliar with alleycats (and not the feline variety) this is kind of a scavenger hunt on bikes and usually involves some drinking.  So of course I’m looking forward to it!  I have several friends going and it will be a crazy good time!   I can’t wait to have a weekend with a few fun outdoor things planned.  The weather is looking great for it!  I just need to fit in a little bit a productivity in there somewhere.  Hmmmm, that might be my biggest challenge for the weekend!

Wow I think I have enough planned and won’t be bored.  I’ll probably be exhausted by Monday!  Oh and to start it off I have a date tonight 🙂


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