True Love

As most of my readers know, I bike.  I love mountain biking but also commuting around town on Yoshi, my mid 80s road bike.  I haven’t been biking forever though.  Besides as a kid around my neighborhood, I have only been riding bikes since 2002.  I started out mountain biking.  First on a borrowed steel rigid frame from a friend but it got me started and it got me hooked.  Convinced me enough to buy my first ride, a cheap steel hardtail, a Barracuda, if anyone remembers those.  You could it throw off a ten-story building and the bike wouldn’t even notice.  A definite beast.  I sold it to a friend of mine, whom I believe still rides it, so I could move onto True Love, my first Turner, a 2001 XCE that I still have and will always be my first love in bikes.  I can’t imagine ever selling that bike, he changed my life.  He was the bike that I really learned on.  He showed me how fun more technical sections could be and it was with him I fell head over heels with a bike.  Really, it’s true.  I have been on more trails and ridden more miles on him than any other bike I have had.  My current mountain bike is Flash, my newest Turner, a 2009 Flux.  A nimble fast little beast who climbs up hills better than I can, who shines in all his glory on the fastest runs. Last year I decided I needed to get a bike to ride around town, something a little more road worthy. So I got my newest steed, Yoshi, the one who gets me around town.  I bought him off my boss for 20 bucks.  He was sitting in his basement neglected.  I took him to ProBikes and they fixed him up as cheap as they could and he was ready to ride.  He’s not the best for this town as he is geared for somewhere a little flatter, but still, he’s one sexy ride and I love him.  I bought him some fenders, a lot of lights and a cool bell that flashes lights when I ring it.  He’s my man for around town.  He makes me work hard up the hills and he’s so much fun and fast down.  He soaks up the bumps just enough and looks so cool with his vintage style.  He’s a good man all together.

I wonder where I would be in my life if I had not borrowed that bike and went out on the trails.  Probably not President of Pisgah Area SORBA, that’s for sure!  I don’t know if there is really anything in the world that could replace my bikes.  I love each one dearly.  Really though I owe it all to True Love, the one that brought me where I am today.

The one who helped me get where I am today.


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