New year new resolutions right?  I don’t really believe in resolutions because people don’t stick with them.  This year I decided to do one.  The catch is I made a temporary resolution, one I only had to stick with for two months.   Two months seem pretty doable right?

What is my resolution?  Well to give up cow’s milk dairy and cheese from any animal for two months.  Why?  I’m a serious cheese addict.  I crave it way more than the average bear.  Like some people are with sweets or a bag of chips once I start on the cheese it’s hard for me to stop.  I also wanted to make sure I didn’t substitute my lack of cheese with ice cream or spreading butter on my toast.  I drink almond milk so the absence of milk in the fridge, is well, normal.  So I’m on day 24.  24 days with no cheese and well I can’t say no dairy.  I have broken my resolution a couple of times.  The first time was a couple of weeks ago during one of our snowstorms.  Several of us met up at one of my favorite breakfast spots, The Over Easy Cafe.  I got coffee and before I realized  had poured cream into it (at home I have been using soy creamer).  I asked for soy milk for the second cup.  Later that day I ended up hanging out over at a friend’s house and she made snow cream.  I had never had this rare delight and since well I had a few beers in me I decided, when else am I going to get to try snow cream since fresh snow is required.  So that was the first time I faltered.  The second time was just a few days ago when a coworker nicely brought me a cup of coffee with cream in it.  I wasn’t going to turn it away since he paid for it and well I wanted the caffeine!  So twice and neither time was cheese.  I think I’m doing pretty good.

So what have I learned?  I noticed I am craving meat like crazy.  It dawned on me that cheese was probably one of my biggest sources of protein.  hmmmm…..I am definitely going to work on getting more protein that comes from all things non dairy and that might help my cravings.  I also have learned I can live without it.  I want cheese and think about it often but less and less every day.  I feel proud when I walk by the samples of cheese at Earth Fare.  They call to me and I can say no!  I have also learned that I really need to overhaul my diet.  Not so much in terms of what I eat as I do pretty well with eating healthy and now that I’m not eating cheese and getting protein from better sources.  I just plainly eat too much.  I also drink too much.  Too much beer. 

So I have started thinking of some lifestyle changes.  Working on making my food portions smaller and cutting back on my beer.  The beer is the hardest part.  I’m thinking starting out by limiting myself to 2 days a week I can have beer.  That being said I have plans the next four nights to catch up with friends over a beer. hmmm…maybe I should change a few of those to catch up over tea or dinner.   I know if I can go two months without cheese I can do pretty much anything!  Here’s to 35 more cheese free days!


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