Well I don’t know about you but for me it has been a long week.  My brain is exhausted.  Work, board meeting on Monday evening, job searching everyday, conference call meeting on Wednesday evening, catching up with a few friends on the other two evenings, well you get the point, I haven’t stopped all week.  I had planned to go out tonight.  There are three different events happening that sound awesome!  Grand opening of the Artery, a community arts center opening up in the Rivers Art District, Team in Training preview party at the downtown Asheville Brewing, and then a CD release party at Echo Mountain Recording featuring a few bands that seem pretty cool.  I have thought about trying to do a half marathon with Team in Training but I just don’t think I can commit to that in my life right now so I had decided that event I would drop.  After today I’m thinking I won’t make it to the other two either.  I’m exhausted.  I’m headed to the 4:30 bikram yoga class so maybe it will fill me with energy again and I will go out but right now I’m thinking a night at home on the couch with a movie sounds good.  That way I can rest up for the rest of the weekend.

I’m so looking forward to this weekend.  No big plans… just me, yoga, my bike and some time to catch up and relax a little.  So forgive me if I’m not out and about hanging with you.  I need some time to catch up with the most important person in my life, me.  Don’t forget to catch up with yourself too!


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