Yoga Release

So for about six weeks now I have been regularly going to bikram yoga at the bikram yoga studio here in Asheville.  For those of you who are unfamiliar bikram yoga is a form of hot yoga.  26 poses are performed in a room of about 105 degrees for 90 minutes.  It works your entire body inside and out. 

People have always told me how yoga can effect them mentally.  I know that for me, cycling or any exercise in general,  can have an effect on my mental state because I usually work off some of the negativity built up inside me and usually enjoy what I’m doing thus making me happier.  It’s different in bikram yoga.  Something about the postures, the heat brings out emotions right then.  Usually positive but recently I have had some negative emotions come out too.  A few days ago I went to class feeling pretty positive beforehand.  During class I started to feel upset.  I think it was my body getting in tune with a few things in the back of my mind that I had pushed away and was trying to ignore.  The next day at class I came in feeling ok, not really happy or sad, and by the time I left I felt renewed.  Energetic and happy.  The day after it was another reverse.  I went in feeling pretty neutral again but halfway through class there were tears in my eyes.  I was tempted to leave and go cry my eyes out.  I stuck through it but still felt like I wanted to cry for the rest of the class.  It was a horrible feeling.  Then the next day, yesterday, I again went in feeling neutral and came out feeling uplifted and happy.

I think I’m experiencing these feelings because my life is so scattered right now.  My quest in finding a new job and figuring out what my future holds  career wise definitely has my mind spinning.  I try to keep a positive outlook and I think sometimes I hide, even to myself, the negative thoughts and feelings that are there.  I guess yoga is bringing out all of my feelings good or bad.  I have worked so hard on being happy that sometimes I ignore myself when I’m not.  I guess I need to let my body be in tune with myself, no matter how I’m feeling.  So I will keep going to bikram yoga.  I will let my emotions come out as needed. 

So there is a 60 day challenge coming up.  60 classes in 60 days is the idea but we are encouraged to go with whatever goal we can give ourselves.  I know I have a few commitments that will prevent me from doing all 60 days so I’m deciding what my goal will be.  I’m thinking 50 classes in 60 days.  I think that seems like a pretty good self goal.  So join me at the 4:30 class tonight?


One response to “Yoga Release

  1. Your different emotions coming out of yoga are probably the result of being quiet and reflecting on whatever is going on. For me coming out is “OH MY SCIENCE! I survived another day! Tallyho :o)

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